Sunday, December 18, 2011

Welcome to Poison Phoenix!

Who would of known that instead of Verdana I would of chosen Trebuchet? So I've never had a blog before.. & while looking for Christmas idea's decided to make one. It's a very on the whim thing.. But if you can't be random how are you ever going to have any fun? Poison Phoenix is going to be about a few things.. & I will try my best to post daily. I am a big lover of all things entertainment, Food, & Beauty. I'm an avid believer of bringing beauty out of ashes and that's what I was thinking of when I thought of Poison Phoenix. This is a first for showing my life to the world of the internet.. & about getting out of my comfort zone, and hopefully creating a new one. :) I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and I will be writing soon. <3 Amanda Joy

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