Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Wish List!

Hello ladies & gents, I've decided to post my new x-mas wish list! Most of the things I want are pretty cheap... I watched Family Guy last night.. and I don't wanna turn Santa into an insane drunk guy who hates Christmas.. Also Jesus would be disappointed in me if I asked my friends and family for too much! :'( So here we have it ---> In order of cheapness.

1. Santa Hat with Bell. I have never owned my own Santa hat before & now that I am an adult, I feel like it is a responsibility of mine. This one here at (        is 3.99! I don't know how good the products at party city are.. But you never know until you try.

2. Tetris Coffee Mug! is only 5.99 at which is one of my favorite online stores. Also it combines 2 of my favorite things Tetris & Coffee!

3. Black Leather Cabbie Hat is 9.95 here at (         My Stepfather gave me his leather hat a few years ago.. But it got stolen from me and I loved it soo much! :'( So I would really like to get a new one. This is the cheapest one I found.. the other one was 80$ Can you believe that?

4. Cyber Goggles with Replaceable Red Lenses I've wanted goggles for a long time and even more-so after my friend Troy let me wear his (look above) I found these at ( These are on the more expensive scale at 21.99.. Their were cheaper ones I'm not gonna lie.. But these just felt better to me.

5. Knee High Boots (ignore them)

6. Behind the Paint by Violent J I'm a proud Juggalette and I feel really sad that I have yet to read Behind the Pain.. It looks like a great book.. and Violent J is such a great speaker, I can only imagine what the book is like. This book is the most expensive thing on my list at 25.00 and you can find it at

        Well there you have it! Things that I would love to receive for Christmas.. (Any of them) I haven't updated a new list for a few years.. and really not a lot has changed. But I actually looked into it a little bit more this time. I hope you enjoyed.. Also what is on your x-mas list?

                                                                 <3 Amanda Joy

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